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Representing the epitome of the cobbling craft, our Bespoke creations remain a creative opportunity to design your dream shoe. Taking detailed measurements of your foot, we create a personalized shoe last. Collaborating with Gian Luca or Roberto, the style, form, leather and details of the shoe will be chosen. A final fitting will ensure a perfect fit before the shoe is completed and delivered.


Delivers in 8 - 9 weeks depending on fitting schedule.

Step 1. Appointment

during your appointment we will provide our expert advice to help create the shoe that will best suit you. We will gain a thorough understanding of your feet by taking measurements and photographs to document their unique characteristics. We will also work with you to choose the design and details of your shoe which include: the design / style of the shoe, the kind and color of leather for the upper, laces and buckles, the sole of the shoe, as well as the lining.

Step 2. Last and Model Preparation

With the information garnered during your appointment we return to our workshop to make a last and prepare the model of the shoe. Based on the measurements and style preferences gleaned, we prepare a personalized last of your foot that is used to build the shoe around. The unique last ensures the most comfortable and natural fitting shoe. We also prepare a pattern that is used to cut out the leather pieces that will be used to make the uppers of your shoe. Next, we sew together the trial fitting uppers and tack together a shoe for your trial fitting.

Step 3. Trial Fitting

At the trial fitting, the shoe’s proportions, toe shape, and design elements will be checked and discussed together to ensure the best possible shoe. Subsequently in the workshop, we use the information from the trial fitting to adjust the last and shoe.

Step 4. Final Construction

We make any final adjustments necessary, and create the sole and heel of the shoe. We also cream, polish and create any special patinas applied to the shoes so that they are ready to wear upon receiving.

Step 5. Delivery

We thoroughly inspect the shoes before wrapping them for delivery and include a proprietary shoe form. We prefer to consign shoes in person either in Rome, or we will travel to you to deliver them to ensure a perfect fit. If this is not possible, we can ship the shoes directly to your address of choice.

A Selection of Our Custom Creations